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Life is a name of ups and downs. In this life, we come up with many expected things which sometimes give us happiness and sometimes leave us with a sudden loss or tragedy in the form of an accident. With the pain and shock of the bad scenario just happened to us, we have to deal with much more than just that. On any loss or tragedy, we also have to cope with the financial difficulties that have been arising.

Let’s be honest, nobody knows of these accidents. They are unexpected. But we need to be safe and do something for our safety measures. This is a fast world and we should always be ready and one step ahead of all things. We recommend doing a financial safety measure for these situations with INSURANCE.

 What is Insurance?

Insurance means having a financial backup in case of any mishap. We ensure our life, property, health, and business to an insurance company. In case anything happens to these things, the insurance company pays for the loss. There are many types of insurances and their benefits are unreal. To know the full details on insurance meaning, benefits, how it works and its types check our detail article on Insurance.

In this article, we will focus more on the Insurance Companies of Pakistan.

5 Best Insurance Companies in Pakistan

There are many insurance companies in Pakistan working on a large or small scale. Every company has its terms and conditions, benefits, and working criteria. Some of them are good, some are average and some are bad. We got you a list of 5 Best Insurance Companies in Pakistan so that you don’t have to trouble yourself finding out what is best.

Jubilee Life

When we talk about the insurance company of Pakistan, Jubilee Life Insurance is the first company that pops into our minds because it is considered one of the 5 Best Insurance Companies in Pakistan. This tremendous company started its business on June 29, 1995. The main motive is the “Happiness” of the public company. They have one of the best services you can ever find in any other company in Pakistan. From terms and conditions to policies, they got all under control. They are really quick in their service and have been working for so many years. They have experience in dealing with worst-case scenarios and would never leave their customers dissatisfied in the hour of need.

The main head office is located in Karachi. Their website is

Phone number: (021) 111 111 554.

EFU Life

EFU Eastern Federal Union is one of the first private life insurance companies in Pakistan. This company has started its operations before partition in Calcutta and then later it started working in Pakistan. EFU has the highest-paid capital of around RS1 Billion. From education, health, life, illness, pension, inflation to expensive products, it offers services in a wide range of things.

EFU is the most trusted insurance company in Pakistan and probably that is why one of the 5 best insurance companies in Pakistan. it has multiple branches throughout the country and it is also IOS certified. Its app is also extremely feasible which records your stuff in a very organized way.

The main office is located in Karachi. Their website is

Phone number: +92-21-111-338-111

Adamjee Insurance

Adamjee is viewed as one of the 5 best Insurance Companies in Pakistan for various reasons. It started its operations in the 1960s. it has multiple branches throughout the country. Adamjee insurance looks forward to customer care and satisfaction. The company deals in various sectors such as Engineering insurance, Fire & property insurance, Health insurance, Motor insurance, Travel insurance, inflation insurance, accidents, etc.

The company is ISO certified and has received various national and international awards for its excellent services.

Their website is

Phone Number +92-42-35772960-79.

Alfalah Insurance Company

Alfalah Insurance has proved its name in a short period due to the excellent services and good customer care. It is one of the 5 best insurance companies in Pakistan. its branches are all over the country and deal mostly in health, property, engineering, energy, motor, etc.

Their website is

Phone Number is +92-42-111-234-222.   

State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan

               State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan is the government insurance company of Pakistan and can be viewed as one of the 5 best insurance companies in Pakistan due to various reasons. It has an excellent system and deals with a wide range of services. Health, wealth, life, couple, children, anticipated endowment, etc.

Their website is

Phone Number is +92-21-99202800-9.


This was put on the list of the 5 best insurance companies of Pakistan. we advise our readers to go through the policies of each company on their websites and then make a decision keeping in view your requirements and companys’ services.

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