There is no doubt that there are at least 5 necessary things every girl must have in her bag. Whenever we are going somewhere especially places where we would stay more than an hour, we must take our bag with us. I know in most cases, people just take a phone in their hands and leave, but some girls take lots of things in their bags. 

Sometimes fate leaves us in a very tricky situation. You should always be ready to defend and fight yourself through any situation that comes across you. It just needs a little preparation in advance. 

Other than phone and wallet, there are 5 necessary things every girl must have in her bag. These things might never come in her use but they could. Having them is better than not having them with you.

Stuff for Defending:-

In case God forbid your life is in danger or you get caught up in an attack, there must be something in your bag or with you that could defend you. Everyone knows we cannot carry guns with us everywhere especially when we have neither gun nor license. 

So for defending stuff, it does not mean guns, etc. Anything which could defend you in case of a dangerous situation should be in your bag. It could be the simplest of things like:-

  • Pepper spray
  • Needles
  • Body spray
  • Sharp pen
  • Compass
  • Keys
  • Cutter

It is not essential to carry ever above mentioned item. Even one of them would do. It could be anything with which you think you can defend yourself. Lie through sprays you can spray at their eyes and run, you can defend yourself through a sharp pen, compass, etc by targeting their eyes, nose, or throat. So it could be anything. And after all, it is for defending, not for attacking. From these things, no one can die but you could be safe from dying or getting attacked. 

So defending stuff is one of the 5 necessary things every girl must have in her bag.

Sanitary Stuff

We know our girls or any girl is supporting as hell in such matters. But sometimes we are going to a place where there won’t be our friends. For introverts, it could be really difficult to ask strangers for help. Or we could be at such a place or caught up in such a varied circumstance that we are helpless. 

So for these times, there should always be sanitary stuff in your bag. Either your data is coming or not, you should have sanitary products in your bag. You can set a private pouch for it where you can place your tissues, wipes, hand sanitizer, hygiene kits, pads, and tampons.

 It is not essential to carry out all the things all the time, it would make your bag heavy to lift. Just take the most important things, but do take for sure. There is no doubt in the fact that sanitary products are one of the 5 necessary things every girl must have in her bag.

Pain Killers and Tablets

If you are already on medicines due to any reason, it is better to take them with you if you are going somewhere for longer hours. Asthmatic and diabetic patients should have their essentials with them all the time.

But other than that, it is no harm in having the pain killers in your bag all the time. They do not even weigh a little. It is better if they are prescribed by the doctor but low pain killers aspirin etc. would be beneficial in case you get a headache or extreme pain due to your monthly cycle or simply anything. Pain killers are one of the 5 necessary things every girl must have in her bag.

A small diary or Paper

These days phones are so extremely secured and people even forget to set their emergency numbers, that if they are caught up in a situation, there is absolutely no way to contact their family members or friends. 

It is not always that we could get in an accident sometimes even the rarest things happen which we cannot even imagine. I have my personal experience with this. 

My mum accidentally threw her bag on road without even realizing it. She had her phone in it, but it was locked. A kind lady saw that bag and took it to her home before it gets in the hands of robbers. When she opened the bag to find out some information to contact the owners of the bag, she saw my mum’s diary in it. There my mum has written all the necessary contacts and things. She contacted us through that diary and we finally got the bag again. It is a true story based on our own experience which happened a few years ago, I was in school at that time. 

So you see, having a small diary or even a piece of paper with important contact numbers could do wonders in such situations. So it is one of the 5 necessary things every girl must have in her bag.

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We sometimes need to get out of the house without eating. Even if we have eaten sometimes, our blood sugar level drops to a point where we start feeling sick and dizzy. This happens especially in days of periods. 

So for such times, always keep sweets or something to eat in your bag. I am not saying to keep lots of food in your bag which would make it heavy to lift, any small toffee would do. This would automatically stabilize your blood sugar levels. Having some eatery item is one of the 5 necessary things every girl must have in her bag.


Hence we have listed out the most essential things to carry in the bag. You can carry whatever you want in your bag from makeup to journals. These are just the essentials which we mentioned. These things hardly carry any weight and would be so beneficial in the hour of need. 

If you think any item is necessary to carry in a bag, feel free to mention it to all of us. We would love to hear from you. 

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