What is appreciation?

Appreciation basically means praising someone for something, something in which they got success or for goal or aim in which they were able to achieve it successfully. This gives the other person courage and that person is able to contribute in many more things. It brings a sense of respect among people as they come to know about their value in this world. Appreciating others brings spirit and strength in people and they feel happy and concerned about their upcoming works.

Why has it become difficult for us to appreciate others?

Insecurity and sometimes jealously is the thing which stops us to appreciate others. Another thing is unhealthy completion which has become a trend now a days that pull the legs of others and then move forward, otherwise you will never be able to achieve your goals. And I don’t know why others feel unhappy to see someone happy. We cannot appreciate but we can easily pass meaningless and idiotic comments at others.

If we are unable to appreciate others then it is better to remain quite. That is the best thing. Another reason that stops us from appreciating others is that we feel very low about ourselves that why this virtue not present in me, we are unable to take others appreciation towards someone. Despite the thing is that we should be searching in ourselves, there might be something very unique which is far better than others but no we cannot put ourselves into healthy competition just competing in a very unhealthy and boring manner.

Who will be facing loss?

Of course the ones who cannot appreciate and are having no sense of appreciating others will be the ones facing the loss. They can make others their ideal but they will never make others their ideal because they themselves don’t want to move forward in their lives and they also don’t want to see others happily moving on in their lives. This all brings in unhealthy competitors a sense of self-doubt. And they will be danger afterwards.

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Appreciating others and its importance:

Whenever we see others happy for something they have achieved, we should be appreciating them this will give them a huge value, they will be able to do more. If we don’t want to appreciate them the best way is not say anything just remain silent and give them appreciation in heart praying for them that may they might get success in every field of life. Appreciating others is important because they will think the same of you, you will get the same respect and value and those people can become your helpers in the future, in future they will be giving you profits.

Here my pint is not that for the sake of profit appreciate other, this point is on behalf of those who are getting appreciated that they might become a ray of hope for you. This gives others satisfaction that we are doing great jobs. It also does not mean that appreciate others for if they are doing any bad deeds. We should always remain positive and this is important and we should all seek in ourselves for better selves. Because of this we will be in benefit.

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