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Mr.Shafique Ahmed, a master Cheque art, printmaker, and miniaturist portrays political, philosophical, and spiritual ideas in his arts to evoke empathy in a person.

Mehak Fatima, Author

 M.Tehami, Co-Author 


Miniaturist, Shafique Ahmed with his cheque arts.

Rejection hurts, but don’t let it eat away at your motivation. Yes, you heard it right. Mr.Shafique, the great miniaturist is one of those artists who leaned into rejection and used it as an innovative push. 

When he first visited the bank after shifting from Jamshoro to Karachi, he was denied from opening a savings account because he was a freelance artist (who neither had a job nor fixed income).

Then he challenged the banker and got the idea of sketching on his old bank cheque book to get payment through his art gallery and to his surprise, he got success. Some of his extremely interesting and alluring cheque art series include The soft-hard hitter, Vulture culture, Let the crow talk, The sprinting celebration, The donkey king, Success, and the list goes on.


Let the crow talk and siblings, made by Shafique Artist.

Before being a master of cheque art series, a Young printmaker was appreciated for different art techniques includes Hedcut portraits, Pastel portraits, Aquatint and Soft Ground (Etching), Charcoal and Graphite drawing. 

Shafique Artist

Printmaker, Mr.Shafique with his painting.

Although the young man was not interested in getting admission in fine art due to family pressure he need to adopt this field. After 2 years of bachelor’s, a young self diffident boy decided to switch his field as he was unaware of its worth and scope in the industry.

However, he continued to work hard majored in Printmaking and Miniature painting, and got his degree in BA-Hons in Fine arts. Shafique has created many interesting prints with great expertise and unusual imagery and has also done numerous group shows across Pakistani galleries. He stated in his interview, “Don’t seek external validation; no one can inspire you better than yourself.”

This ambitious man always wanted to share his skills with others so he started teaching in 2009 and after 9 years of consecutive struggle and hard work, he was successful in establishing his own Art school named “Atelier School of Arts and Design” in Karachi. He further added, “A person makes his own department by his sincerity, consistency, and hard work.”

This is Mehak Fatima, doing BBA from Iqra University, Karachi, and can be reached at [email protected]

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