Assumptions means when you think about something all by yourself like you might have heard of that thing from someone or you might have seen someone doing some action but you don’t know properly what was that and you by yourself has assumed something that this might have happened or taken place, this is called assumption shortly, thinking about something or someone and by yourself putting conditions to that situation.

What takes us to make assumption?

There are some times when we do not want to hear the truth or we hate some person so without investigating we by ourselves just start assuming things and this is very common in the society where we live. We can say it has become our daily basis routine. We are angry on someone or hate that person, we have heard something about them and without wasting our times we just start assuming things against that person and also tell our self-made philosophies to others which then takes the place of spreading false news.

Examples of thus such assumptions:

Someone has got a very best job or got good marks and we were unable to achieve these things we just say oh they might have given money to the other person that is why they got job, this person is teacher’s pet that is why they got good marks, someone is not getting married that person’s life comes in danger zone because they will never listen to that persons point of views why not, why this and that and then starting making assumptions already and the news spreads it-self.

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Lack of investigation:

Here I’m not talking about that investigation “reconnaissance” but I’m talking about the skill through which you can ask about the real story that what happened? Or what took place? Which lead to thus such situation. But what can we say there is this laziness which has bound us and not only this our enviousness and anger towards others and another thing that we are the only truthful people no one else whatever we have said is the only truth and we become firm in our philosophies. There is something else too when something goes against our mood or humor there we become determined that we are only saying the truth.

How is it Harmful?

It is harmful in a sense that here by our behavior we not only become the destroyers of others lives but also put someone’s life on stake. This is not a good thing. We have to cope up with this thing otherwise we will be responsible for someone’s loss.

The only way to get out of this thing is to go deep into the situation and try to find out what has taken place and there no need to interrupt in others things do your level best to get to know about the situations and if you find that someone need your help please do that this making assumption thing will not give you any profit. Always try to help as it is acceptable.

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