As the weekend approaches, some of us want to spend it with friends, watching movies and try to enjoy it to its fullest but some of us really want a break from the chaos of the world and by meaning a break here is having some me-time which most of the time we spent sleeping and reading as reading is the most peaceful thing you can do when you are alone but the most important thing is the book should be a good read and worth your time, so here is the list of my five favorite books you must read.

1: PEER-E-KAMIL(The perfect mentor)

(Written by Umera Ahmed)
This book rank among the 5 books you must read. This is the story of two unhappy souls. Imama Hashim is confused about her own sect because of some unacceptable things which she was feeling and Salar Sikander, a genius with an outstanding IQ who has some complicated queries about life as the story unwrap the met accidentally which turn their lives upside down. In sh5ort this story is a whole pack if drama, suspense, and a un imaginary love story that will make you binge read it till the end.

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2: NAMAL(written by Nimah Ahmed)

This is one of my favorite books to reread when I have free time in my hand. This is a story based on revenge which revolves around the main character Zumar who is a prosecutor and lost her husband in an accident, Faris who lost her wife in the same accident and is suspect of murdering his own wife and the maim evil Hashim Sardar who is playing a chess game with their lives – This story have a teenage girl character Haneen to which all the teenage girls can relate, but this story is not all about revenge it has much more substance which is beautifully weaved and narrated into a single story. This book also rank among the 5 books you must read.

3: WONDER (written by R.J Palacio)

This is the story of a boy Augustus who was born with facial deformities. This story narrates a tale of people with disabilities and how society is making their life more difficult to live. This is a story of a boy who was a misfit due to his disability and how he turns his disability into an achievement to make himself stand. The book ranks among the 5 books you must read. This story will warm your heart and break it into million pieces, this story will give you some bitter feelings along with happy tears and give you a roller coaster of feelings

4: FORTY RULES OF LOVE (written by Elif Shafak)

This book tells the story of Ella, woman in her thirties who has settled and married but later she realized that she didn’t achieve much in her life or anything extraordinary despite her amazing grades and degree. This novels also concern with Sufism the deep love between shams Tabriz and scholar-poet Rumi. The story of Rumi and Tabriz has come from the book which Ella is reading called sweet blasphemy. you will find some valuable lessons about love and family by the forty rules which are narrated in the story. This book rank among the 5 books you must read. As the story starts growing your interest will develop more and it makes this book worth reading

5: THE SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A F*CK (written by Mark Manson)

Although this book has a controversial name and contains some swear words it’s a good read for the people who are losing themselves and for the people who need self-love. The book ranks among the 5 books you must read. It also teaches important lessons about how you could live a better life and how you can take a valuable lesson from your suffering and pain and start living your life once again with new ground happiness and enthusiasm

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