Starting in 2021, Google Voice has implemented a feature that will flag suspicious spam calls for its users. This new feature is designed to help protect Google Voice users from fraudulent or spam calls, which can often be annoying and disruptive.

Before this feature was introduced, Google Voice users were largely reliant on manual methods to identify and block spam calls. These methods included looking up phone numbers online to see if they were associated with spam or fraud, or manually adding numbers to a block list. However, these methods were often time-consuming and not always effective.

With the new spam call flagging feature, Google Voice users will now receive a notification when a suspicious call is incoming. The notification will include a warning that the call may be spam, and will give users the option to block the number or report it as spam.

Google has implemented this feature using a combination of machine learning algorithms and user feedback. By analyzing patterns in call data and feedback from users, Google is able to identify and flag suspicious calls with a high degree of accuracy.

In addition to the spam call flagging feature, Google Voice also offers a number of other tools to help users protect themselves from unwanted calls. These tools include the ability to block numbers, create personalized greetings for specific contacts, and use call screening to verify the identity of unknown callers.

Overall, the new spam call flagging feature is a welcome addition to Google Voice and should help users avoid annoying and potentially harmful spam calls.

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