Government is setting rules for Blocking/Removal of illegal content in Pakistan

Government is now active and making rules for Blocking/Removal of illegal content over social media platforms & also the social media companies. The IT Minister has clearly notified that “Removal/Blocking of illegal Online Content (Procedures, Oversight, and Safeguards) Rules 2021″ to monitor the activities of social media companies.

Minister of Telecomunication and IT has declared the fresh rules for social media companies and if they violate the rules then the company will get plenty for up 500million Rupees.

It is now clear that all the social media companies cannot promote terrorism, extremism, illegal content, punishments. Plus they can’t live stream all of these illegal acts.

The social media platforms are also bound not to promote the content against the country. Nobody can upload illegal content of any other person. The content against the culture of Pakistan will also be considered as illegal content and the publisher will be punished according to the rules 2021.

IT Minister Amin ul Haq said the rights of users should always come first and it is our duty to save the rights of our people.

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