This article is to know how to block hide or restrict on Instagram with real-time tutorials.

Like any other social media app, Instagram is becoming popular every day. There are many users on Instagram. In January 2020, Instagram users reached 1 billion. With this reach, it became just a little behind Facebook which had 2.8 billion users. Still, Instagram is ahead of many social media platforms like Twitter and Pinterest.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram had a classy vibe especially at the beginning when there were fewer users. As soon the time passed and it became popular and also after Facebook bought it, Instagram users started increasing. And with increased users, the concerns of privacy and security started as well.

To connect on Instagram, you have to follow people or let people follow you. After making an ID, it is first suggested to set your privacy settings the way you are comfortable with. You can control things like who can message you, like, comment, activity status, or who can tag you in posts and stories and everything of that sort. But most importantly, you can set your account to be private or public. Having a private account means you have to grant permission to someone following you.

Here’s the solution of problems like ow to block, unblock, hide or restrict someone on Instagram with real-time tutorials.

Learn how to block hide or restrict on Instagram

How to block someone:

Despite the privacy settings, we still got to deal with people. You can easily get rid of anyone annoying you by the block feature. For that;

• Go to the search bar, type the username of the user and open its profile.

• Tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the profile.

• There would be a “block” option available in the second row. Click it.

• When you click it, Instagram would give you 2 options; (1) block that person and all the new accounts they create. (2) block just that account.

• Select the option you want and then again click “block”.

• The user would be blocked and could not be able to see any of your posts, stories, comments, or profile.

How to unblock someone:

• Go to your profile.

• Tap on three lines at the top right corner of your profile.

• Select “settings”.

• From settings tap on “privacy”.

• Scroll down and in connections sections, select “blocked accounts”.

• A list of all the blocked accounts would appear. Unblock any user by simply clicking on the “unblock” icon at the front of each profile.

• Person would be unblocked and would be able to view all your Instagram activity like other users.

How to restrict or hide someone on Instagram:

Sometimes you can hide or restrict someone from your account. If you cannot block someone but still want to hide your account from them, this feature is for you. Follow these steps;

• Go to the person’s profile.

• Click on the 3 dots at the top right corner.

• You have “restrict” and “hide your story”, both options available.

• Tap on it and restrict the user.

Hence these are very simple steps that can help you maintain your privacy at Instagram.


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