Deleting an Instagram account could be a little tricky. Many social media applications make the deletion of an account for the users a little hard. The main reason for that is they don’t want to lose users and would not make it an easy way for the users to leave the app and delete the account.

Just like all other functions, deletion should also be done there within an app, but unfortunately, that is not possible. You got to use a third way for it but it is not that hard it is quite easy. To delete the Instagram account, follow these steps:

Steps to Delete Instagram Account

  1. Login to your account on the mobile or desktop web browser.
  2. From there, go to “Delete Your Account”.
  3. After that, another page would appear. Select the reason for your leaving of Instagram. Write your password and click on “permanently delete my account”.
  4. Your account would be disabled and would be deleted permanently within 28 days. 
  5. If you would log in back to your account within those 28 days, it won’t be deleted and you would have to repeat the process. 

Follow these main steps to delete Instagram account permanently. Moreover, the account will not be recoverable anymore.


Deleting Instagram account is becoming more popular. Different people have different reasons to delete Instagram account. With the increase in the craze of social media people are becoming social media freaks. But the time comes when they realize that social media is just a wastage of time if you’re not doing anything productive. People become fed up, they try to escape and this is how they escape by deleting their social media account. So, follow these easy steps to delete your Instagram account permanently. Escape is waiting for you, go and grab it.

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