Are you fully vaccinated and now wondering how to get covid vaccination certificate from nadra? Continue reading to know.

The vaccination process in Pakistan has been extremely well. Now walk-in vaccination has started for people of ages from age 15 to the oldest.

Most educational institutions, cafes, restaurants, and public places are not letting people in without a valid vaccination card. Even in Sindh and some other areas, SIM cards would be invalid if people would not be vaccinated.

How to get vaccination certificate from Nadra?

However, if you are fully vaccinated, it is very easy to get your vaccination certificate from Nadra. Follow these steps:-

  1. Go to Google and type “Nadra Immunization program”.
  2. Immunization Program website of Nadra would appear click in it.
  3. Website would be like this.  You can click directly from this link also.
  4. You will see a few options. Click on the 4th one that says in Urdu “Covid-19 vaccination certificate ka hasool”.
  5. Fill out that short form. And then solve the sum below and verify.
  6. Click on Next and then pay the fee online through card which would be Rs200.
  7. Then you will be redirected to confirm your particulars.
  8. After this your card would be available to you for downloading.

By following these simple steps your Nadra Certificate can be downloaded. It is easy and just requires the right site. However if you still have any queries feel free to contact us.

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