Judging the book by its cover means seeing things in a way that might be whatever we are seeing is not true it is just the delusion but we are taking it as the reality, in short we can say presupposing something. Well, judging is we can say a part of human nature. A man always selects or rejects things by liking and disliking them. So, judgement on the whole is a very basic and common trait.

We cannot refer it as an unacceptable attitude. But sometimes it can become very annoying and even hurtful. Now a days it has become a fashion that whatever we see either things or people we take that situation as a real one and start presupposing things.

How we presuppose situations:

Judging the book by its cover is a very common idiom which stresses on the idea that, what we see on the surface, may always not be the actual situation. Even though we cannot always restrain ourselves from judging others, since thinking of oneself as a better person than others is also a part of human nature. But we always define and control our levels of judgement there are various levels by which we judge others.

One level is just thinking of an opinion which can either be right or wrong just thinking to our self is the safest way, despite some complications but complications can always be cleared if we always choose the wise method of investigating the situation properly or completely avoiding it. Thus just a though won’t harm others as long as we keep it to ourselves and don’t spread a rumor.

Some of the very best examples are that whenever we see someone happy we always put this stamp on that person or situation that we are just the unhappy people only and look at that person he or she is looking very satisfied and happy although that person is dying from inside but how can we live without judging the book by its cover.

We all are somehow in our lives facing somethings, sometimes we are unable to share it with others we have to sometimes act our live off. But we only see the external things as we cannot see the internal.

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Why judging the book by its cover?

Every single person living on this planet earth has to face many things, situations, and challenges in this lifetime thing. Not all the time we can remain happy but yes we can remain calm and we have to, we should. By doing this we totally impose ourselves on others and they have to face that pressure and they live under that pressure.

Here comes this point why just we can’t focus on our own lives why do we have to interfere with other people situations. There is no need to pass unusual and unnecessary comments on others and feel low in front of them. This lessens our dignity and self-esteem.

How it makes others’ lives difficult:

As I said above that by doing this stupid thing we build up kind of a pressure against that person so that person becomes unable to come out of the situation he or she is facing and they remain quite by acting their lives off. So by doing this stupid thing we kind of destroy others’ lives.

Some situations are that whenever we see some student holding a book we say oh book worm you surely will pass the exam you are doing this you surely will do this and thus such stuff. So the best way to live a peaceful life is not to judge a book by its cover. We have to accept the fact that the ultimate knowledge is not what the human beings have. We always lack some part of information.

So we must restrain from jumping on to a conclusion that can cause damage to others as well as ourselves. Spreading rumor, bullying others and jumping on to a conclusion things like this often occur quite amusing and entertaining but they can result in destroying some innocent person’s life.

Thus judging the book by its cover is not a very wise thing to do. But still if we want to judge to satisfy our need of judgement, it’s better to keep to ourselves. This can prevent us from destroying the peace of the society.

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