What does it mean to sacrifice for others?

When we are small or it can be when we are growing up we might have heard of or read in books in schools, colleges or at homes heard about doing little things for others, helping them, sacrificing for others although it can be a small petty thing just for the sake that they are also enjoying the same things and moments like we do. What I think about sacrificing for others is that helping and giving your time and things for others who are in need of it and not expecting the same from them just doing it for goodness’s sake.

How and what can we sacrifice for others?

For instance if  I am a professional person like a lawyer and a person comes to me who is needy and wants me to present his case in the court and that is unable to give me my fees and I am sure about that person that he or she is needy and they have a trust in me that I will surely help them then I should help them by properly giving them time and fighting for them just for this sake that I am helping them, and they need me and not expecting anything from in them in return and if something is very serious and threatening then facing it either if I’m dying in that this will be known as sacrificing for others helping them in the hour of need becoming a pathway of justice for them giving them time listening to them and if in real they are truthful people not turning my back on them this is sacrifice for others in my eyes and also it is a professional sincerity thing.

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Other Examples:

If we board a bus and that bus is full with passengers and the seats are full if someone who cannot stand this thing of standing in the bus might be the person is not feeling well or having some other problem either I have paid for the journey I can give that person my seat it is a very small sacrifice but this will not bring any harm to me but it will also become an admirable thing in the eyes of others. If we are standing somewhere in the line for getting tickets or documents or visa or for some other purpose, someone is getting late and we can clearly see that then we can give that person our place that you can go first there despite of giving these stupid statements that oh stand wherever you are we are also getting late or we are also having this problem or that problem this sort of stuff, it is not appreciable for that specific time waiting and giving others a chance will make us respectable.

How will it be advantageous?

Although I know we are living in a society where if you are sacrificing for others the table totally turn on you but still these things should be in our good books to sacrifice for others for goodness’s sake. We only think about ourselves, we do not think about others that what are their problems like we are habitual of judging the book by its cover but I think doing these small deeds will give us a high attentiveness and admiration. This will make us a high prestigious person that if in future we are in need of help others will help us too like that. And with a small step taken by one person can change the thinking of the whole nation.

I have also seen many people that if someone is giving something to the other person although the giving person is also in need of that thing others as usual will say oh really! You are a very mad person you shouldn’t be doing that ok fine if you are unable to sacrifice for others or helping them please stop interfering in other people matters, here the element of appreciation comes do appreciate others if not possible then keep quite otherwise you will make others like yourself and the needy will remain needy just because of you.

These are just the small petty things and I think we should be concerned about others too in their difficult times.

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