According to NIH first confirmed case of omicron covid-19 variant has been reported from Karachi.

Ever since COVID-19 has hit across the world, the pandemic, lockdown, deaths, medical emergencies, and disruption in normal life have resulted in the worst effects ever.
Omicron is the new variant of coronavirus which has already spread across 60 countries of the world. Its first case is reported in Pakistan in the city of Karachi on Monday. The symptoms and samples of the patient were deeply analyzed and researched and then the case was confirmed by The National Institute of Health (NIH) last week on Monday.

While briefing about the situation, NIH wrote on Twitter:-
“The NIH has been able to confirm (via whole genome sequencing) that a recently suspected sample from Karachi is indeed the ‘Omicron variant’ of SARS-CoV2,”
NIH has decided to further observe all the suspected samples for this virus. They also again highlighted the importance of getting vaccinated so that the effects of the new virus could be limited.

“The importance of getting vaccinated to protect from serious effects of existing and new variants is therefore highlighted. Please get yourself vaccinated according to guidelines issued by the NCOC,” they further explained.

Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) has also stated this issue. Although they confirmed the case of omicron but highlighted the fact that the patient is in isolation and is improving his health.

They said:- “Gene sequencing at AKUH has confirmed the presence of the COVID-19 Omicron variant in the first patient. The patient is at home and doing well.”

The world health organization (WHO) has been giving out the details of the new virus almost daily. They pointed out that according to the latest research results, this virus is less dangerous in terms of symptoms and health issues. But we can never be sure of it and can never solely rely on the vaccines as it can limit the good results of vaccines. However, they urged the people to get boosters shots of covid vaccines, especially the old people.
We need to be extra careful as this variant quickly spreads and has also already been transmitted to 63 countries.

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