Islamabad is a city of foodies. Unlike other cities, in Islamabad, you’ll find peeps eating anything at any time. In many restaurants and cafes breakfast goes on throughout the day and many prefer eating lunch at 11 am. Mostly munch on snacks all day long. Twin cities have countless cafes, restaurants, eating places, homes based food outlets, bakeries, and ice cream spots.

As much there are eating places, there are countless Instagram food bloggers as well. When we started our research for food bloggers, we got star-struck at the number of food bloggers in Islamabad and the overall twin cities. Most of them have an engaging audience and best reach due to their consistent and awesome content.

Are you someone who wants to visit Islamabad and wants to know the best places to eat out? Or are you a start-up food business and want to expand your reach? You got our back. We went out through thorough research to find the best Instagram food bloggers of Islamabad so you don’t have to. Here we shall provide you with a list of the top 10 food bloggers of Islamabad.

Islamabadfoodgram (Aymen Ahmed) 

Aymen started her food blog on Instagram a long time. She worked hard to reach where she is right now. Her content is consistent, unique, and simply awesome. She not only gives reviews of the eating places but she also uploads tutorials of her cooking. She has also started her YouTube channel where she uploads food tutorials and reviews. Her honest food reviews are followed by a large audience of Islamabad and Pakistan.

Instagram Account:

Thefoodloverfromcapital (Raiha Khan)

Raiha Khan’s Instagram is full of the prettiest content. She not only reviews popular and expensive food outlets but also posts videos and reviews of the yummiest street foods. Her content is very attractive. Raiha is also seen uploading her recipes and food content, which is very useful for people wanting to cook at home. She is one of the top 10 food bloggers in Islamabad.

Instagram Account:

Foodiemaniac_  (IMAN)

Iman’s Instagram gives a very refreshing vibe. She is one of those food bloggers who can make everything look pretty through their creativeness. The presentation of the food in her content is beyond comprehensible. Foodiemaniac- is no doubt a very amazing Instagram account and Iman a very worth mentioning top 10 Food bloggers of Islamabad.  

Instagram Account:

The_restaurant_girl_ (Emon Malik)

We don’t even need to explain how amazing her content is. You need to check it out yourself. As much as Emon Malik reviews cafes and restaurants, she also uploads her recipes from time to time. She is consistent in her content and yet one of the top 10 food bloggers of Islamabad.

Instagram Account:

Foodie_nextdoor  (Madiha)

Madiha has reviewed lots and lots of eating places of the twin cities. Her content is so amazing and catchy. No doubt in her being in the top 10 Food bloggers of Islamabad.

Instagram Account:

A.nom.nom (Anum Sadiq)  

Anum also has the talent of depicting anything to everything pretty on her insta blog. From sweet to savory, you will find every type of review on her Instagram. 

Instagram Account:      

-Inaqvi-  (Syeda Shahrbano Naqvi) 

When we went out to stalk an amazing Instagram account, we got start-struck. She is consistent in her content and always brings out the best for her audience. She is a real foodie and makes sure we get to be as well.  

Instagram Account:

Goeathammad  (Hammad Shah)

Goeathammad is a very underrated Instagram account. Hammad’s content is beyond amazing and eye-catching. The views on his videos are triple and even 10x more as compare to the number of his followers. He always manages to bring humor through his extremely relatable food videos. Hammad is undoubtedly one of the top 10 Food bloggers of Islamabad.

Instagram Account:

Food-exploration-with-umair (Rana Umair)

If there would any deal or discount on any food place in the twin cities, Umair would be the first one to update his audience. his blog is extremely pretty and makes us all fall in love with food every day. If you want to know food places in Islamabad, Umair’s blog should be your go-to account for all the latest reviews. Hence, one of the top 10 food bloggers of Islamabad.

Instagram Account:

Honestreviewsonly (Kiran Farzana)

We won’t suggest going to Kiran’s account because trust us, you would get hungry. Her content is so incredible that it makes us drool over anything she posts. An engineer by profession and a foodie by heart, Kiran is no doubt one of the top 10 food bloggers of Islamabad.

Instagram Account:


Hence, these are the bloggers who made it to our list of bringing the best food bloggers of the capital city. Keep in mind that we have listened out these accounts after thorough research depending upon the consistency, views on videos, relatability, survey from our audience, and much more. If you think there is someone who should be on the list, feel free to mention it in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

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