Youtube is a video entrainment application. Everyone knows about Youtube and it is one of those apps that comes pre-installed on almost every apple and android phone. Youtube audience in Pakistan is huge and its popularity has successfully increased a lot in the past few years. Youtube is also one of the most used apps in Pakistan and even the remotest areas and people have access to Youtube and Youtubers are generally growing from every corner of the country.

There are many Youtubers of Pakistan and most of them have crossed 500k and one million subscribers. They have audiences from all over the world and YouTuber channels are of almost every type from food to technology. Here is the list of top Youtubers of Pakistan and with the most subscribers.

1. Kitchen With Amna 4.09 M

Kitchen With Amna started her YouTube channel on 4th June 2016. She is the only Youtuber of Pakistan who has crossed 4M subscribers and is soon about to reach 5 Million. Her channel shows food recipe videos of a wide range from Pakistani, Indian, Italian, Mexican to all kinds of American and Continental cuisines. She has worked hard on her YouTube channel and the success and growth of her channel are not overnight.

Despite having the most national and international audience, she is still underrated. Amna is the most humble and down-to-earth person and has not involved herself with any kind of controversies and maybe that is the reason why she is so successful. She is very consistent in her content and she has inspired a lot of women to start their food blogging and youtube channels.

YouTube Channel link: Kitchen With Amna

She has created many videos throughout the years and is a huge inspiration to a lot of people in Pakistan and worldwide. She is the first and only Pakistani YouTuber, first and only Female Youtuber of Pakistan, and first and only food YouTuber of Pakistan who is at 4.9 M subscribers about to reach 5M and yet a deserving 10 top YouTubers of Pakistan.

2. Nadir Ali – P – 4 Pakao  3.62M

Nadir Ali has started his entertainment channel on 3rd May 2016. His content and work are based on humorous and entertaining videos. The main reason people love Nadir Ali and his channel is that it is always full of light and provides a burst of good laughter. He is consistent in his videos and his success is also not overnight. He has been uploading videos for a long time.

He also met and collab with a lot of other YouTubers, celebrities, and even religious personalities. He mostly makes prank videos and a few times got involved in a controversy that his pranks are scripted. But people did not care much because he is providing laughs and humor and that is all that matters. His videos are popular all over Pakistan and India and even people living abroad watch his videos on daily basis.

YouTube Channel link: Pakao

Nadir Ali has inspired many young people in Pakistan to make humourous and entertaining videos through pranks. Many people made their pranking channels by getting inspired by Nadir Ali and they are themselves doing pretty well.

3. Food Fusion 3.57M 

Food Fusion is the most creative and most viewed food channel in Pakistan. It is started and still owned by a couple of Saima Asad and Asad Memoon. They started their channel on 29th January 2016. Their five years struggle story is the most motivational and inspiring and gives us hope in life. Two months back, on completing five years of Food Fusion, Saima and Asad made a video about their story on their YouTube channel and told how much struggled in the start.

They started working from the drawing-room of their house, left their full-time jobs, and even sell their cars to run Food Fusion. Now, they have a whole well-established Food Fusion studio and thousands of people are working under them. They have a collab with lots of brands, celebrities, and famous personalities.

YouTube Channel link: Food Fusion

Both Saima and Asad still work hard for Food Fusion. Their content is consistent and unique to date. All kinds of Food videos are uploaded on their social media platforms especially on Youtube. They are extremely humble and their channel is making Pakistan proud as they have a large audience from all over the world. Food Fusion is one of the 10 top YouTubers of Pakistan.

4. Mubashir Siddique – Village Food Secrets 3.25M

People of Pakistan and all over the world love Mubashir Siddique and his YouTube channel Village Food Secrets. He created food videos from his village. He eliminated many cultural misconceptions through his videos that cooking is not just for ladies and the best restaurant-style cooking can be done from any part of the world even from the remotest village and without any fancy equipment. That is the main reason why people love his channel. It is simple and yet so unique and inspiring.

Mubashir started his YouTube channel on 18th November 2016. His channel highlights the lifestyle of villages and especially food. He has created thousands of recipes videos and is so consistent and hardworking in his content. He makes most of his videos on wood and open-air and it provides a refreshing aesthetic aura to the viewers, his videos are so relaxing and calming. 

YouTube Channel link: Mubashir Siddique

Mubashir is an extremely humble and simple guy. He has crossed 3M subscribers and is well deserving. His audience not only exists in Pakistan but from all over the world and so he is one of the top 10 YouTubers of Pakistan.

5. Saad Ur Rehmaan – Ducky Bhai 2.77M

Saad Ur Rehman popularly known as Ducky Bhai is one of the most entertaining and humourist YouTubers of Pakistan. He gave birth to the world of roasting in Pakistan. His videos became famous in India first and then in Pakistan. He is popularly known because of his memes, and funny roasts to the weird videos of the internet. He is also a gamer and has a separate gaming channel as well and has 1.58M subscribers there too.

He joined YouTube on 4th February 2017 and despite being a good student, he left his graduation degree from Comsats University to become a full-time YouTuber. He is passionate about gaming and roasting and has worked hard. His videos are quite entertaining and he became famous because his videos are unique and when he started roasting nobody else in Pakistan was doing it. He inspired many young people to start their own YouTube gaming and roasting channels. 

Ducky Bhai has always been in controversies mainly because he does roasting. People accuse him that he swears a lot in his videos and his jokes make content 18+. He got into fights and his biggest quarrel for a long time was with another Pakistani-Canadian YouTuber Sham Idrees. He is always in and out of controversies and I wonder why people dislike him a lot.

YouTube Channel link: Ducky Bhai

Despite all of this, there is no denying fact that Ducky Bhai has worked hard and provided unique content. His fans love him a lot and he also won the YouTuber of year PISA award Pakistan. He is one of the top 10 Youtubers of Pakistan.

6. Qasim Ali Shah 2.9M

Qasim Ali Shah is a famous teacher, motivational speaker, interpreuner, educationist, host, tour ambassador, and author of Pakistan. He has guided millions of people in Pakistan and all over the world. He started his YouTube channel on 4th April 2015 and is consistent in his content.

He provides educational and motivational videos on his YouTube channel. He is also the founder of the Qasim Ali Shah Foundation. His videos are inspiring and made many people hopeful and successful in their lives. He shares study, business, and success tips. His hard work, intellect, and goodwill attitude have made him so successful in every field including YouTube.

YouTube Channel link: Qasim Ali Shah

7. Shoaib Akhtar 2.73M

Shoaib Akhtar is the world’s fast bowler and Pakistan’s finest cricketer. He started his YouTube Channel on 29th January 2019 and within 4 weeks he got 1 million subscribers. He also got featured on YouTube rewind video for the fastest 1 Million channel on YouTube.

He is consistent in his videos and shares his expert tips and opinions related to cricket. His audience is from all over the world and he is a star on YouTube as well and he is one of the top 10 YouTubers of Pakistan.

YouTube Channel link: Shoaib Akhtar

8. Asad Ali TV 2.17 M

This was a shock to me as well. He started his YouTube channel on 9th January 2016 and I must say he has worked hard to reach here. He makes tech-related videos. He gives reviews, tips, and everything related to technology, Android, software, and apps. He uploads daily videos and also shares tips on freelancing with the people on his YouTube Channel. His honest reviews regarding anything and everything has helped his audience a lot and hence one of the top 10 Youtubers of Pakistan.

YouTube Channel link: Asad Ali TV

9. Ramiz Raja 1.63 M

He is on YouTube since 8 January 2018. Ramiz Raja is the former cricketer of Pakistan and a popular commentator. He has been a commentator in International Cricket since his retirement and is popular worldwide especially in sports. His YouTube channel contains cricket videos and his reviews. He uploads daily videos and his audience loves him a lot.

YouTube channel link: Ramiz Raja

10. Zaryab Khan – Xeetechcare 1.6 M

Zaryab is the most underrated Youtuber of Pakistan. He has worked a lot throughout the years and has introduced tech content in Pakistan. Many people started their own Youtube tech-related channels after getting inspired by Zaryab.

He is one of the most earlies YouTubers of Pakistan. He started his channel on 19th June 2013, when YouTube was banned in Pakistan. He started from a single simple phone and worked hard to reach where he is now. he left his university degree to become a full-time YouTuber.

He uploads daily tech videos, tech reviews, tips, and everything related to technology. His audience is largely from outside Pakistan. he is an inspiring people all over the world and he is what you define as passionate. He is one of the top 10 YouTubers of Pakistan.

YouTube channel link: Zaryab Khan

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