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There is no denying fact that Pakistani artists are growing on every platform. Youth is displaying their talents in the best way possible. There are many entertaining, fashion, food, and humorist Instagrammers in Pakistan, and all of them are extremely talented. We found the list of the Top 5 humorist Instagrammers of Pakistan so you don’t have to. They are amazing, talented, funny, and enlighten your mood with their superb content.

Top 5 humorist Instagrammers of Pakistan

Ali Gul Pir  (therealaligulpir)

Ali Gul Pir has been active on media and social media since his song “waderey ka beta” got famous. He is no doubt one of the Top 5 humorist Instagrammers of Pakistan.

His content is extremely funny. He mostly makes lip-synch videos with absolutely hilarious expressions. His fans really love him and the engagement at his content is way more than you can ever expect. He is consistent with his content and stands at 231k followers. You will often see him collaborating with other artists and cracking jokes at interviews.


If you still do not know about swineryy, you are missing out so much in the world of Instagram. Swinerry makes hilarious videos consisting of characters from daily life. nobody knows about the owner of Instagram and is still a mystery. However, she is a woman and based in Karachi.

She is globally known for her animated characters which are played with her funny character voiceovers. Standing at 211k followers is no doubt one of the Top 5 humorist Instagrammers of Pakistan. she is also been nominated for “Most Entertaining Instagram Celebrity” at PISA awards 2021.

Khizar Khan (Khizee)

Khizar Khan is an Islamabad comedian. He makes videos with a serious and robotic face and tone which ultimately gives the content a more hilarious look. He stands at 164k followers and is one of the Top 5 humorist Instagrammers of Pakistan. His content comprises of different norms of Pakistan. He is also on YouTube and TikTok. He has also started his online store of hair products. Khizar is going great and we wish him the best of luck in the future.

Arslan Naseer (cba.arslan.naseer)

Arslan Naseer got popular from his review videos on YouTube. He made dramas, movies, and songs with hilarious reviews and quickly got popular all over Pakistan. he then also got a role in the drama alongside Aymen Saleem, Ayeza Khan, and Osman Khalid But in the romantic comedy-drama “chupkey chupkey”, his Instagram is as funny as his Youtube. He often reviews hilariously on his stories and posts. Standing at 889k followers, nothing is stopping him from being one of the Top 5 humorist Instagrammers of Pakistan.

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Amtul Baweja

Amtul Baweja is the funniest Instagrammer in Pakistan. she making hilarious content with her husband. She got a serious role in a Netflix series “churails”. If you are not following her on Instagram you are missing majorly. Her account consists of posts and videos extremely related to pour daily life and gives a good laugh after a long tiring day. She has 40.4k followers on Instagram is one of the Top 5 humorist Instagrammers of Pakistan.


We have discussed the top 5 humorist Instagrammers of Pakistan in detail. Instagram is becoming more famous and now its a part of daily life. From bloggers to photographer every talented person is now switching to Instagram. If you want to showcase your talent then all you need to do is to create an Instagram account and manage it properly. People who have good sense of humor can create their diversified content and can also showcase their humor in sense of memes. Everyone like those who have good sense of humor and who know how to present their skill. Humorist on Instagram are making presenting their content in their own unique way. It is necessary to have good social media skills in parallel with natural talent. Instagram is becoming more popular for bloggers and memers so if you have any talent either its singing, blogging, and so on, then you can go for Instagram account.

So, these are the Top 5 humorist Instagrammers of Pakistan that made it to our list. Every person have their own choice when it comes to humor. Therefore, If you know hilarious Instagram accounts, feel free to mention down below.

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