Top 5 Peaceful Places in Islamabad

Islamabad is known for its beauty and peaceful environment. It is the Capital of Pakistan and list among the most beautiful capitals of the world. Here we will discuss the top 5 peaceful places in Islamabad and we will explore their key features as well.

Pakistan is a rich country when it comes to natural beauty and peaceful places. People of Islamabad are well educated and usually rank among decent citizens. Their routine is bit 9 to 5 throughout the weekdays. But when the weekends they want to pause their busy life and want to visit a place where they can get the peace. They usually search for less populated places where they can stay in peace. Indeed, people from Islamabad usually avoid populated areas and they use to find a place where they can hang out with their family.

In a fast-growing world, it is very important to feed your soul with fresh air and a peaceful environment. There are many places where you can find a peaceful environment around the city. People come from all over the country and visit them to find themselves a peaceful environment.  

It doesn’t matter from where you belong, the beauty of this city will amaze you for sure. So grab your seat and explore the top 5 places peaceful places in Islamabad only on bluefireflys.

Shahdara Valley Islamabad

Shahdara valley is a beautiful village covered with high-end mountains and water flowing from the middle. Shahdara is known for its silence. It is just 20km away from the main city and also located near Quaid-e-Azam university. This village is rank among the top 5 peaceful places in Islamabad.  I enjoy it whenever I visit there. It is perhaps the best place for spending a peaceful day with your family.

The valley is lush green and full of trees covered by lush green hills

If you’re a nature lover, then do visit Shahdara Valley Islamabad.

Nilan Bhoto Valley Islamabad

Nilan Bhoto is rank among the top 5 peaceful places in Islamabad. It is not far away from the main city. It takes around 40 minutes of drive and it is near KPK in the northeast of Islamabad. A lush green place with ponds with crystal clear water flowing. The ponds are full of fish and are known as Mahseer. The people of Nilan Bhoto valley doesn’t allow fishing but yes you can enjoy sitting around and watching the beautiful scenery of Nila Bhoto Valley.

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This is also known for a Chila Gah of a very famous Sufi saint “Bari Iman. This famous Sufi used this place for meditation and his shrine is also located in Islamabad. A lush green valley with water ponds makes it more beautiful. If you’re planning for a family tour then this spot is the best place for you to visit.

Shah Allah Ditta Village Islamabad

Shah Allah Ditta is one of the top 5 peaceful places in Islamabad.  It is hundreds of years old village located in Margalla hills. Shah Allah Ditta was a dervish in Mughal emperor and this village is named after him. It is famous for its silence and the caves of old Buddhist meditation. I went there with my friend and found it very peaceful. It is covered with beautiful hills and found more peace there. You need to hike over the hills to view the beautiful scenes from that part of Islamabad.

Shah Allah ditta caves reflect the importance of this place in old times

Margalla Hills Islamabad

Margalla Hills are the main reason behind the beauty of Islamabad. Lush green hills full of trees and breathtaking views. Margalla hills are known as a tourist destination. The famous hotel Monal & Pir sohawa are also peaceful places in Islamabad which are also located on Margalla Hills. If you’re about to visit Islamabad or you’re currently living, I strongly recommend you to wrap up things, get your car and go towards Margalla hills. Believe me, you will not regret it. Because of its lush green hills, you’ll get fresh breath and the peace of mind that you were looking for.

Hiking Tracks Islamabad

Hiking is a type of hobby that gives you both mental and physical strength. In Islamabad, there are multiple hiking tracks located on Margalla hills. The most famous hiking tracks are Trail 6, Trail 5 & Trail 3. These tracks are fully covered with long and strong trees along with some water ponds which makes them more beautiful. Fitness freaks use to go there daily and do hiking. Believe me, you will enjoy hiking on these tracks. Trail 6 is the most adorable track and I rank it on top of others but that doesn’t mean that other tracks are not good. They have their own identity and beauty.


We have discussed the top 5 peaceful places in Islamabad. Peace is the state of mind where you relax from your hectic routine and take a break. These places are the most peaceful and I strongly recommend you to do visit them. Moreover, you can go there with your family and friend to make good memories that will last for a long. Life a happy life with your friend & family.  

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