Do you want to study overseas? So already acquainted that tuition fees and living expenses can rapidly build up to a sizable university budget. Scholarships, fortunately, provide the critical international scholarships that so many students require. While some universities do not charge tuition fees, others provide tuition fee scholarships to outstanding students who are willing to study abroad. Understanding the background of Undergraduate Postgraduate Scholarships.

The most popular types of overseas scholarships granted by universities are full or partial tuition fee waivers. The next best thing to fully-funded scholarships is tuition fee scholarships! Today, we will discuss some countries that offer outstanding scholarships for overseas students to make their dream of getting an education from abroad come true.

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Undergraduate Postgraduate Scholarships Offered In USA

Postgraduate scholarships

The United States offers opportunities for overseas students to participate in a variety of scholarship opportunities, and almost a thousand Pakistani students visit the United States annually. They offer a wide range of programs for a plethora of applications, including high school students, medical students, and postgraduate professionals.

There are several different types of study abroad scholarships to apply for, including the ones listed here.

Merit Based Scholarships:

These programs focus on a student’s academic, aesthetic, athletic, or other capabilities and extracurricular and other certification course records. It’s vital to keep in mind that eligibility will vary depending on the scholarship.

Specific Destination Scholarships:

These are scholarships provided by a state to students who intend to enroll in a study abroad program in that country. Given as a perk for studying in that country rather than abroad. See what scholarships are available on government-sponsored travel websites in the nation where you want to study. You may effortlessly apply to your favorite universities from there.

Program Specific Scholarships:

Individual study abroad programs, institutions, and universities were found to give program-specific scholarships to qualified students. Such scholarships are frequently awarded based on academic success and personal achievement. However, qualifications vary depending on the scholarship. 

Subject Specific Scholarships:

Study abroad institutions or universities award these scholarships to students based on their subject or subject of study. The beneficiaries of such undergraduate postgraduate scholarships require to enroll in a subject-specific course. This is the greatest option for those who want to pursue a master’s degree following graduation in a certain field.

Undergraduate Postgraduate Scholarships Offered In UK:

Postgraduate scholarships

Scholarship from the Chevening Foundation:

It is a government-funded scholarship that gives complete financial support to postgraduate students. You can apply for this scholarship if you have a bachelor’s degree, two years of job experience, and meet their English language requirements. This scholarship will allow you to pursue your ambition of studying overseas.

Pakistan Scholarships at the University of Sussex:

Such scholarships are specifically meant for Pakistani postgraduate students who are eager and dedicated. This scholarship is only available if you want to pursue your Master’s degree at the University of Sussex, which is one of the best in the UK. Although this scholarship is not fully financed, it does provide you with a tuition cost discount.

Scholarships for Pakistani Students at the University of Birmingham:

Another outstanding scholarship opportunity for people wishing to study in the United Kingdom for a long time. Undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply for scholarships. This is not a fully-funded scholarship, providing you a discount on your tuition.

Scholarship Anne Marie Schimmel:

The most intriguing aspect of such scholarship is that it was developed just for passionate women who want to study in the United Kingdom. Isn’t it cool? To be eligible for this scholarship, you must have two years of work experience and a real need for financial aid. A master’s level scholarship is only available for a one-year program.

University Of Sheffield Scholarships:

Undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply for scholarships at the University of Sheffield. For a long time, the institution has offered scholarships to Pakistani students. Scholarships are awarded to students who have excelled in their academics. Students might get a significant discount on their tuition expenses at the university, allowing them to pursue their aspirations.

If you want to start your new journey at an educational level abroad, you can easily apply for such scholarships which can easily release your burden financially. You can even make yourself financially stable by working after your studies.


Here we have discussed the in depth of understanding the background of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships. It is observed that people look for scholarships without having the basic knowledge of different scholarships. This was the guide for you all to know the in depth of scholarships and how it varies in different parts of the world.

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