WhatsApp is owned by Meta and is called a Meta-messaging platform. The social media giant and founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and CEO of WhatsApp confirmed the development of the all-new features of WhatsApp messages.

The developers of WhatsApp messages are working on keeping the messages and chats more private. Nothing is more private than the WhatsApp chat so the developers are working on making the chats more secure and private.

Disappearing Mode

According to WABetainfo, Mark Zuckerberg also confirmed that a disappearing mode is featuring on WhatsApp soon.


View Once Feature – WhatsApp

WABetainfo also stated that the American media magnate confirmed the new feature “View once” is coming soon on WhatsApp messages. So the user will be able to see the photos once and then they will get disappear.


Multi-device Update

CEO of WhatsApp Will Cathcart also stated that the multi-device feature is rolling out in two months after that feature following things will be added.

WhatsApp messages will be fully supported after this new multi-device feature update

The users will be linked up to 4 devices using the multi-device.

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